Microsoft introduces Windows Phone App Studio to encourage new app development

windows-phone-650Image courtesy Windows Phone App Studio

Windows has unveiled a new program, designed to bring more apps to Windows Phone devices. The Windows Phone App Studio is a web-based editor that will allow anyone to create and customize Windows Phone 8 apps without code.

Upon creating an account, new app developers can create both empty apps, or start with a template from a variety of categories including catalogs, storytelling and sports. Even users with free accounts can create applications via a simple four-step process that sees them uploading their own images, entering their own text and customizing the app’s overall style.

As reported by TechCrunch, the barrier of entry to app development has been lowered even further, as developer accounts have been discounted to $19 until August 26. These accounts can publish their created apps on the Windows Phone Store for use by the public at large.

Windows Phone continues to trail behind Android and iOS. A recent report by Kantar Worldpanel had the platform sitting in third with 4.6 percent of smartphone sales during the period of March to May 2013.

The struggling platform has been proven to hold great potential for developers willing to invest in it, however. Social aggregation app FlipToast, for instance, is used for 30 minutes a day on average across all of Windows 8 (including a mobile option), and FlipToast founder Shivani Khanna previously told Inside Mobile Apps that the platform’s already low learning curve makes it the perfect outlet for developers that wish to try to develop for mobile, but don’t have the time or resources to invest in dedicated Android or iOS apps.

The Windows Phone App Studio is now available in beta. Users or developers interested in learning more about the platform are encouraged to visit Microsoft’s website.