Microsoft Hates Features: Windows Phone 7 Losing Copy/Paste, Removeable Flash Cards, Multitasking & More

What do you think I was referring to when I wrote this blog title?

Windows Mobile Loses Features With Each Upgrade???

Windows Mobile 6.5 in 2009? Windows Phone 7 Series in 2010? Nope. I wrote this back in November 2006. Here are the lost features I noted way back then:

ActiveSync over Ethernet
Microsoft Access Database Importation
Printing (with add-on driver)
Microsoft Reader
Creating a Media Player Playlist on the Device Itself
Ability to Manually Disconnect from ActiveSync while connected over USB
AvantGo Reader in firmware
Menus at the bottom of the screen (replaced by two giant soft-buttons)
Ability to add to Tasks on the device (Smartphone)
Ability to encrypt Word or Excel documents/spreadsheets
Backup entire device to PC using ActiveSync
Pocket Money (add-on Microsoft application)
Pocket Streets (add-on Microsoft application)

In June 2007, I noted that Windows Mobile 6 lost yet another feature:

Windows Mobile 6 Notes Lost its Inked Text Recognize Ability

In total, I think there are somewhere around two dozen features that were lost by the time Windows Mobile 6 was released. So, should we be surprised that Windows Phone 7 Series continues Windows Mobile’s feature losing nature? I noted yesterday that Windows Phone 7 restricts app downloads to Microsoft’s market and that it will limit multitasking:

Microsoft Attempting to Lead by Following: Windows Phone Abandoning True Multitasking, Emulates iPhone OS 1,2,3

So, what else will it lose? Well, shades of pre-iPhone OS 3.0, Windows Phone 7 will not support text copy and paste!

Windows Phone 7 Series won’t have copy and paste (Engadget)

And, while we’re throwing away useful features, lets get rid of user removeable MicroSD storage cards too:

Windows Phone 7 Won’t Support MicroSD Cards, Multitasking (PhoneScoop)

And, how about the ability to install apps on a storage card? The last time I tried Microsoft’s market, I was unable to tell it to install the app on my storage card. Very Android-like.

What other features will we learn are missing from Windows Phone 7 as we get closer to its release? What more can Microsoft remove? Hmm, has anyone tried to voice dial on it from a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone?