Microsoft Developing Bing App For Android

Microsoft is continuing to try and chip away at Google’s lead in search by getting their Bing search engine on more platforms. For a while there were rumors that Bing was going to become the default search engine on the iPhone, but that has not happened although Microsoft has released a Bing iPhone App that has been well received. Given that Android comes from Google, it would seem that Bing and Android would be odd bed fellows, but the Motorola Backflip, which is an Android phone sold by AT&T, uses Bing rather than Google as its default search engine.

Today I learned that Microsoft is developing a Bing App for Android and it may be available in the next six weeks. Because the Bing iPhone app exists, I am not surprised that Microsoft is developing an Android version. I doubt that Google will be too concerned about the Bing Android app because it won’t be integrated with the Android search button nor the Android browser. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft includes in the Bing app to make it stand out enough to compel people to use it. Because search is already built-in to Android phones, average users will likely not seek out the Bing Android app unless it does something different from what can already be done on the phone.