Microsoft Comment About Windows Phone 7 Missing Copy & Paste Suggests It is Being Rushed to Market (slowly)

Do you remember how disappointed and surprised many people were by Apple’s inability to provide copy and paste for the iPhone for its first two years? Microsoft, on the other hand, has provided copy and paste features since Windows CE appeard in 1996. So, it was even more surprising when we recently learned that the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series (WP7S) will not have copy and paste. What is the deal with that? In his iStartedSomething blog, Long Zheng reports that:

Windows Phone 7 Series will have copy & paste, eventually

In it, he wrote: As it turns out, the development team actually knows exactly how they will be implementing copy & paste in WP7S but did not believe it could be implemented without affecting the release schedule they’ve committed to and therefore will be including it in an update down the road.

But, this tells us something else that is interesting, doesn’t it? It tells us that WP7S itself is being rushed out the door incomplete. If the iPhone, Android phones, and BlackBerry-s weren’t trouncing Windows Mobile 6.x in the market, Microsoft probably would not have delivered WP7S until 2011 (if that soon).