Microsoft, Brand Affinity Technologies Partner

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Brand Affinity Technologies Inc., a company which has amassed the rights to use several thousand celebrity athletes as paid endorsements in a variety of Internet ads.

BAT claims that advertisers can use its proprietary, automated ad platform to search through 2,000 different athletes, and instantly create Web ads using photos or video clips of whatever athlete they select. Microsoft is likely to offer this capability to a wide range of advertisers. BAT’s product has been designed with small to mid-sized marketing budgets in mind

“Advertisers can quickly create star-studded campaigns that help improve online ad performance, while Microsoft helps connect them with audiences who seek new ways to associate with their favorite celebrities,” said Keith Lorizio, vp of U.S. advertising sales for Microsoft Advertising. “

Among BAT’s athlete clients are the National Football leagues Drew Brees, Major League Baseball’s Josh Hamilton and the National Basketball League’s Rajon Rondo

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