Microsoft, Amazon Top Lithium’s Social Power Rankings

Lithium today released its social power rankings, formerly known as the Klout 50.

Which brands are really gaining influence through social? Lithium Technologies, owner of Klout, has the answers.

Lithium today released its social power rankings, formerly known as the Klout 50. Microsoft is at the top of Lithium’s rankings, followed by Amazon, MTV, Facebook and Google.

Rob Tarkoff, president and CEO of Lithium, discussed the rankings in a press release:

Digital has completely transformed current businesses and the way customers interact with brands. Measuring just brand strength is no longer enough. We must look at customer engagement across a brand’s Total Community – from Facebook and Twitter to user reviews and branded communities. Customers expect more across the entire social and digital landscape — and brands must deliver.

Three companies (Sony, Adidas, MasterCard) moved into the top 20 this year. PayPal, Lenovo, Lego, HM and Pampers are new additions to this year’s list.

Here’s the full leaderboard, sorted by Klout score:

Lithium Social Power RankingKlout Score
1.     Microsoft98.90
2.     Amazon98.86
3.     MTV98.39
4.     Facebook98.22
5.     Google97.52
6.     Intel95.47
7.     ebay93.83
8.     Sony93.56
9.     Ford93.43
10.  McDonalds92.76
11.  Audi92.75
12.  CocaCola92.22
13.  Chevrolet92.19
14.  HP92.16
15.  Thomson Reuters92.11
16.  Honda91.60
17.  Nike91.57
18.  General Electric91.18
19.  Adidas90.84
20.  MasterCard90.77
21.  Adobe90.46
22.  Porsche90.12
23.  Goldman Sachs89.67
24.  Shell89.56
25.  SAP89.33
26.  Apple (AppStore)89.21
27.  PayPal89.12
28.  Pepsi88.72
29.  American Express88.71
30.  Tiffany and Co87.89
31.  Lenovo87.45
32.  Oracle87.29
33.  Budweiser87.26
34.  Gucci87.22
35.  Louis Vuitton86.92
36.  Morgan Stanley86.75
37.  Accenture86.07
38.  Burberry85.97
39.  Caterpillar Inc85.62
40.  Heineken84.32
41.  Lego84.24
42.  3M84.08
43.  John Deere83.89
44.  Sprite83.59
45.  Starbucks83.57
46.  Disney83.00
47.  Zara82.85
48.  Gillette82.59
49.  HM82.09
50.  Pampers80.57

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