Microsoft Adds Social Network Integration To












I’ve become a fan of Spotify, which is a new streaming music service, not only because of its huge music catalog, but also for it’s social network integration. Music is something that I like to share with my friends, either by directly suggesting a song for a friend to listen to, or to share via news streams what music I am listening to. I also have a Zune Pass and listen to a lot of music on that service, and I have just learned about some new sharing features on

When most people hear about Zune, they might think of the Zune HD MP3 player, the Zune Desktop app, or maybe Windows Phone 7, but what people might not know is that Zune is also a web-based music streaming service. Zune Pass subscribers can go to, log in, and access Microsoft’s catalog of music, which can be played on a desktop computer. Microsoft has added the ability to share artists and albums on Facebook and Twitter from the web version of Zune.

When you open an album in you see a Facebook Like button and a Tweet button, which you click to share the album or artist information on either social network. Unfortunately, the sharing capability does not extend to playlists, nor is it available in the Zune app. I wish the sharing features where available in the Zune Desktop app because when I play music from Zune on a desktop its with that that app.

I would love to see Windows Phone gain the ability to share music in manner similar to how Microsoft has added it to The Facebook app for the Zune HD has the ability to share the currently playing song, although I doubt that it is used much because running apps on the Zune HD is clumsy.