Micropraxis iLinX: Is Any iPhone App Worth $150? This One Might Be

Screenshot courtesy of Micropraxis

Would you pay $149.99 for this iPhone app?

iLinX 1.0

My first thought after seeing the title and a one-line description was: No way! However, after looking at what it does and its target customer, I changed my mind.

I’m definitely not the target customer. iLinX is a wireless controller for a complete home automation system based around NetStreams DigiLinX and NaimNet control systems.

If you have one of these home automation systems, you are controlling a lot more than a beefed up stereo system. This includes control of lighting, close circuit television, air conditioning and heating and more. If you just spent more money than most people make in a year automating your home, another $150 for an app that turns a phone you always carry around with you into a total home controller is probably well worth it.