MiCMALi highlights global poverty with upcoming mobile game World Agent BRAC


MiCMALi, developer of games with social missions, has announced the development of its upcoming strategy city-building game World Agent BRAC. In the game, players will take on the role of a loan manager for BRAC in Bangladesh. BRAC is a real-world organization, which focuses on creating opportunities for the world’s poor. As a virtual loan officer, players will move up the virtual corporate ladder by helping build successful communities in slums.

World Agent BRAC is based on real-world poverty issues. Population, time, food water, electricity and other factors will change randomly as gamers play. These factors may determine which people players’ loan virtual money to, and how to make sure it’s eventually repaid. Loan strategy can also be based on how the money will be used, the borrowers’ past history and the amount of the requested loan.

By loaning money to in-game characters, players will help them create skilled careers and businesses, including those for farmers, seamstresses, mechanics, shoe makers and more.


“World Agent BRAC will bring game players in first world regions face-to-face with slum dwellers. With the extremely limited knowledge and empathy that currently exists surrounding poverty in foreign countries, that’s a huge deal,” said MiCMALi founder Sakuya “Zak” Morimoto.

“But we didn’t come at this from an educational angle. The game is designed to be fun. The fact that players can learn something and help people along the way is virtually unrelated to the quality of the gameplay experience.”

A portion of the game’s revenue will support microcredit education for areas in Africa and Latin America.

World Agent BRAC is set for release in Q2 2014 on iOS and Android devices. The game is being supported on Kickstarter, with its campaign currently sitting at over $12,000 of the company’s $50,000 goal. The campaign will close in 18 days.

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