Michigan Cops Pull Drivers Over…to Give Them Presents

It’s no secret that police departments around the country have been experiencing some PR problems in recent months. Ferguson and New York City have dealt with the matter at hand in their own ways, and the Lowell, Michigan, PD went another route entirely.

Here’s the video via our friends at AdFreak:

The video wasn’t produced by a firm…it’s from Rob Bliss Creative, the same agency behind the “Walking in NYC as a woman” video. And it was part of stunt to promote “Christian network UP TV’s ‘Uplift Someone’ campaign.”

As an UP TV rep told Christian Post:

“It wasn’t on purpose. We actually came up with this idea before all of [the publicity surrounding the police across the country] happened. And we definitely considered it when everything popped up, but we wanted to show good police stories, and anytime we can surprise and delight people with what our men and women in uniform are doing, we will do it. There are still great things being done by our men and women in blue.”

PR Week recently published an op-ed by the former PR leader of the Boston PD on “ways police can use comms to strengthen bonds with cities” — and while we can’t read it at the moment, we’re fairly sure that nothing approaching this stunt made the list.

The network paid for the gifts, but the police department donated its members’ time and posted the video on its Facebook page. The problem with the spokesperson’s quote is that the department in no way organized the stunt, and the video does not depict a realistic example of “great things being done” by cops.

We obviously aren’t in the target demographic here. But, given recent events, we can’t say that staging a fantasy scenario is a good way to improve a department’s public standing. This isn’t what the public pays the police to do.