Michelle Obama Joins Her Husband On Twitter

Michelle Obama has finally signed up for her very own Twitter account, tweeting to support her husband’s reelection efforts in November.

She’s no Charlie Sheen, who amassed 1 million followers in just 24 hours, but Michelle Obama has a pretty impressive 250,000 followers since signing up for Twitter Thursday morning at @MichelleObama.

The First Lady’s bio cautions followers that it will be mostly staffers in the Obama reelection campaign sending tweets, but some of them will be from the Mrs. herself:

“This account is run by #Obama2012 campaign staff. Tweets from the First Lady are signed -mo.”

This echoes the President’s own Twitter bio (@BarackObama) – meaning there’s a chance that the same staffer will end up having a conversation with herself while running both accounts at once!

For now, though, it looks like Michelle is taking an interest in her account. Of the four tweets (and one retweet) from the account, she has sent two of them herself:

Perhaps her eagerness for Twitter is a result of the experience she’s already got tweeting. In mid-October, she sent her first tweet from the @JoiningForces Twitter account, sending a message of support to military families.

Michelle isn’t the first famous wife to join the Twitter bandwagon. Just a few months ago, Melinda Gates signed up for Twitter and also received a warm Twitter welcome from her very popular husband – and snagged her 20,000 followers in just two days.