Michelle Obama Dated This Guy?

National Journal and The Weekly Standard took very different tacks in their coverage of Treasury Inspector General J. Russell George‘s testimony before the Senate Finance Committee today concerning the IRS scandal.

As a student at Harvard Law School…George was busy going out with a young Michelle Obama (who was then Michelle Robinson). The National Journal reports that the pair belonged to the Black Law Student Association and quotes former Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) as saying that he “thinks” he dated her. George said the group would go out for pizza and they “would go out together.” He joked to NJ, “Don’t get me in trouble.”

National Journal waits seven graphs to get to the dating detail. Meanwhile, the anti-Obama mag, The Weekly Standard, puts it right up front and states the news as fact. The headline: “Inspector General Who Uncovered IRS Scandal Dated Michelle Obama.”

What was Michelle thinking? Here we have an older picture of George. Thankfully he lost the stache. Clearly he could have benefited from the vegetables in her infamous garden.