Michelle Obama Dances with Big Bird

In the White House's latest digital media outreach, Michelle Obama dances with Big Bird and pushes comedian Billy Eichner around in a shopping cart in a D.C. Safeway.

The president has YouTubers and the first lady has Billy on the Street.

In the latest White House effort to find alternative media to spread their messages — be it healthcare or healthy eating — First Lady Michelle Obama went to a D.C. Safeway with comedian Billy Eichner to play the game: “Ariana Grande or Eating a Carrot?”

Mrs. Obama got most of the questions right. Although, she missed this one: “Who’s hotter: Abraham Lincoln or Barack Obama?” It was Lincoln, according to Eichner.

But she still won the game. Now, her Let’s Move inititiave, hopes their newest message, the eat brighter! campaign, wins over families. Which is the goal of taking part in the video in the first place.