The Audacity of a Journo’s Wife, Who Has a Hair Tip for Michelle Obama

AP Radio News’ “Morning guy” Jon Belmont may have a tough time getting an invitation to one of those fancy state dinners at the White House anytime soon. Hell, he may not even be able to get into the lottery for next year’s Easter Egg Roll. He revealed last night on Twitter that his wife has issues with first lady Michelle Obama‘s bangs.

But then again she wouldn’t be the first to weigh in on Michelle’s relatively new do.

Just a few weeks ago, USA Today reported that the first lady has abandoned her bangs after just four months and is wearing them swept to the side. Other publications such as The Hill‘s “In the Know” and Hollywood Life also tackled the hairy subject matter. WaPo‘s “The Reliable Source” was a bit more skeptical, arguing that it really depending on which way one was observing her bangs as to whether they’re really gone for good. Back in April, they even completed a graphic research project on the matter. So Belmont’s wife may have to hang in there and be patient until Michelle gets a trim or survives that awkward growth phase.

Belmont isn’t worried about not snagging a White House invite. He told FishbowlDC, “More than 40 years in radio and I’ve never been invited to the White House. So I’m not running much of a risk.”