Michelle Kaufmann Releases White Paper on ‘Nutrition Labels’ Project


Will we soon be seeing nutrition labels on the property sheets realtors hand out? If sustainability-focused designer and green architect Michelle Kaufmann has her way, we will. She has relaunched her appropriately named project, “Nutrition Labels,” which asks if it might be smart to attach labels to new home construction, featuring such information as “Annual Energy Consumption” and “Average Annual Water Use.” Now she has offered it up as a white paper and everything (pdf). It’s a clever idea, and one that will surely get passed around all over this here internet, but is it something that can make the jump into every day application? Call us crazy, but in a housing market like this, where any realtor is just begging to stand out, we can see potentially becoming a big industry trend.

Then again, isn’t it always just better to retrofit an old building than to make something new? Oh yeah. Still, every bit counts, right?