Michelle Fields to Write a Book?

While The Daily Caller and Michelle Fields recently parted ways, she appears to be staying very busy. She continues to tweet throughout the day on topics ranging from Ron Paul to the recent engagement of former South Carolina Republican Gov. Mark Sanford. Her unemployment hasn’t stop her from patting herself on the back and posting several photos of herself to Facebook, as you can see by the screenshots of herself on the right.

While her immediate plans weren’t made clear when The Daily Caller showed her the door, she hinted at what might be next for her in a Facebook post. As you can see by the screengrab on the right, one of her “friends” asked if she was “ready to write a book about politics.”

Obviously, this is a ridiculous question.

What on earth would she have to say about politics? Even if you were to give Fields credit for her catalog of work, it has very little to do with politics. If publishers were looking for someone to write a book called, How to Get Pushed to the Ground and Called a C#*T by the Tea Party for Dummies, she’d be perfect.

Hell, I might even read that book.


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