Michelle Fields Shimmies Through Interview

Democratic leaders, and even CNN, have all united in throwing Hilary Rosen under the bus this week. After her comments about Ann Romney not working “a day in her life”, she has been criticized by everyone right up to POTUS.

So if you’re a public official giving an interview these days, you better be ready for a reporter to ask about Rosen’s comments. Take Sec. of Labor Hilda Solis. The Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields pressed her about the comments and Hilda gave a measured, reasonable response about how much stay at home moms work.

Except we had a hard time paying attention to the Secretary’s comments because we couldn’t stop watching the Michelle Fields Bobblehead Doll conducting the interview. Just watch her body language in the video below. It’s like she’s questioning a member of the Cabinet on a pogo stick. It’s a wonder that Solis didn’t try and join in with a rendition of the “Electric Slide” in some sort of weird miscommunication. Anyone can see that Fields is having trouble standing still for the interview. If they can’t, maybe they should borrow those woodshop glasses she’s wearing and clear up the situation. Lucky for us, Fields manages to not shimmy her way out of the shot so we can experience her question through the power of interpretive dance.