How To Make It All About Me: The Michelle Fields Edition

CPAC has come and gone and all we have left are the memories. Interesting sights and sounds were everywhere. Just don’t tell Michelle Fields, who found numerous ways to make it all about her. Fields, who maintains her own blog and is a correspondent for Next Generation TV, covered CPAC in a very interesting way. She posted her “CPAC wrap-up” to her website saying that she wanted to “share some photos” from the conference.

While Fields delivered photos, they weren’t of CPAC. They were all of herself. We could understand maybe one or two of herself. Hell, she’s on TV! Of course she should be promoting herself. This one, above, is of her and co-host on Next Generation TV, Allen West. Of ALL the photos she shared, she’s the focus of every one.

More photos..

Look who else Michelle ran into CPAC. It’s Townhall‘s Katie Pavlich, who she used to trash talk when she worked at The Daily Caller, and Blonde Khloe Kardashian Scottie Hughes from the Tea Party Network. They’re such great friends, you guys! So great, in fact, that Michelle misspelled Hughes’ name on her photo and called her “Scotty.” Oopsie!

My favorite pic is the one below. It’s of Michelle on Radio Row. It’s an out-of-focus shot that shows us Michelle and some radio host caught in a conversation, presumably about herself. Nice camera work, Michelle! Keep the Glamour Shots coming!