‘Michelle Eats Here All the Time…’


You just knew it was coming.

POTUS dined at Good Stuff Eatery today with staff who worked with him on debt negotiations. It’s fast food, so not Michelle-Obama approved. But there’s a catch. The woman who says she likes fast food in moderation keeps getting mentioned eating it. Even her husband couldn’t resist. From a Pool Report by NYT‘s Mark Landler:

“It smells good,” POTUS said to customers who welcomed him after he walked up the second floor. “Michelle eats here all the time, but I don’t get out.”

The President ate a burger, fries and salad. More from the report: “There was an extra large plate of fries on the table. Good Stuff is known for his fries, according to Hill staffers who frequent the place.”

The first lady recently caught flack for eating at Shake Shack. Some WaPo readers were outraged after the paper reported the incident and offered a caloric breakdown of what she ate.