Michele Norris Is Leaving NPR

The NPR vet moves on.

NPR veteran Michele Norris is leaving the company after 13 years. According to CNNMoney, Morris will devote more time to her Race Card Project, which discusses race and identity.

Norris first joined NPR as a host of All Things Considered in 2002. She took a brief leave of absence in 2011, then rejoined the company in 2013 as a guest host and correspondent.

“No matter the subject, Michele is able to bring out remarkable conversations,” wrote NPR news chief Michael Oreskes, in a memo to staffers. “She has an incredible gift for getting people to feel comfortable and open up about their lives and share themselves with her, and, in turn, with all of us. She has brought grace, humanity, and uncompromising excellence to bear in covering the toughest of topics.”