Michel Gondry Begins Selling Handmade Creations on His Site

While this writer has rapidly fallen more and more out of love with Michel Gondry after his past couple of years of projects, we’ve certainly always admired the guy. Now, after getting a tip from our friends over at Flavorpill, our love/hate meter has ticked up a bit back toward the positive in finding that he is now selling a variety of handmade stuff on his personal website. He’ll draw a portrait of you for twenty bucks, sell you a t-shirt his son designed, pass along notes written on toilet paper for just $13.95, along with the expected merchandise of DVDs and books. So while we may not have enjoyed some of his latest film work, we have to give him credit for still being able to have fun and make odd, handmade stuff. Though we should note, if you do want one of these pieces, we recommend hitting up the site quick, as now that it’s been circulating, you can guarantee his wrist is going to get tired at some point, drawing all those sketches and jotting on toilet paper.