David Carey, Steve Madden and The Power Blondes



Not even the seventh snow storm of the season (we’re begging for mercy — enough!) could keep the faithful away from Michael’s today. There were power gals aplenty and media mavens galore who braved the elements to make it to 55th Street. We marvel at your stamina. (Is it me or do all successful women over a certain age in this city eventually wind up with the identical shade of blonde?)

Here’s the rundown on today’s crowd:

1. Literary agent Esther Newberg, presiding over a table of wonder women  including bestselling crime novelist Linda Fairstein, author and ABC News correspondent Lynn Sherr, CBS’ Lesley Stahl, and the Honorable Kimba Woods.

2. Fashionista Fern Mallis (We miss you on The Fashion Show!), whose consulting business is thriving, and a stylish gent we didn’t get to meet.

3. Hudson News’ James Cohen.

4. 2 Degrees Ventures’ Mitch Kanner.

5.  Sole man Steve Madden (Who doesn’t love his shoes?)

6. CNBC contributor Meredith Whitney and Mark Ford

7.  Blonde to the second power: Patricia Duff and Debbie Bancroft.

8. Quest’s editor in chief David Patrick Columbia and an elegant-looking gal.

11. Rita Jammet and Felicia Taylor.

12. The New York Post’s media guru Keith Kelly and former Fairchild boss Michael Coady. Michael and ex-InStyle editor Charla Lawhon just fired the latest salvo in the fashion website wars with the launch of fashionetc.com.

14. Hearst honcho David Carey, who made headlines last week when he installed former Men’s Vogue editor Jay Fielden as the new editor of Town & Country. In case you haven’t heard, Jay takes over for the abruptly departed Stephen Drucker who had barely finished decorating his office before bidding Hearst adieu.

15. Tony Hoyt and Missy Godfrey

16. Fidelis Global founder Gerry Byrne

17.  Avenue’s Judy Price

18.  I bet there was some serious dishing going on at this table: Politico Robert Zimmerman and Emily Smith of “Page Six.”

20. Marvel Entreprise’s Sarabeth Schrager and Steve Blacker

21. Attorney Richard Bressler

22.  Richard Fitzburg

24. Jim Cassella

25. Cushman & Wakefield co-chair Bruce Mosler

27. Moneyman Michael Del Giudice

28. Bloomberg’s Amanda Gordon

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