Charlie Rose, Bonnie Fuller And The Ex-Mr. Star Jones


We’re a bit spoiled by the back-to-back A-list sightings of the last two weeks (Cate Blanchett! Blake Lively!), so today we had to content ourselves with wondering what the media mavens we haven’t seen in the dining room in ages (Bonnie Fuller) were up to over their Cobb Salads.

Well, at least things were pretty lively at my table. I was joined by Dr. Phillip Romero who I was introduced to in this very dining room by our mutual friend, Cablevision’s Barry Frey. I couldn’t wait to get the good doctor’s take on Charlie Sheen and the ongoing media freak show that shows no sign of slowing down. Phil told me he agreed with Celebrity Rehab’s Dr. Drew Pinsky’s diagnosis that Sheen is bipolar. Based on his exhibiting symptoms of “hypomania, grandiosity and hyper sexualization,” says Phil, “That’s clearly what’s going on.”

Phil, who has been counseling individuals and families in crisis for over 25 years and recently published two books, The Art Imperative and Phantom Stress , is “disgusted” by the media’s apparent glee at milking their latest cash cow until it dries up — or dies. “I am appalled at the media’s vampirizing of mental illness.” One of the worst offenders thus far, says Phil, has been Piers Morgan who, he observes, was encouraging Sheen’s inexplicable behavior during the fallen star’s appearance on the CNN show. “Morgan was clearly enabling Charlie Sheen during his interview and seemingly happy to do so. It made me very uncomfortable. Where are the people that could help this man? If Charlie keeps up at this pace without the help he needs he could become psychotic and harm himself or others.”  Another ratings bonanza in the making.

Here’s the rundown on today’s crowd:

1. Most of the Imber Gang, including Dr. Gerald Imber, Jerry Della Femina and Jeff Greenfield.

2. Abernathy & MacGregor’s Jim Abernathy

3. Producer Francine LeFrak and two well-heeled gal pals.

4. Charlie Rose and a limping Tom Freston.

5.  Advertising guru Mitch Kanner

6. Producer Michael Kempner

7.  Cultural historian and freelance curator Charlie Schelps

8. Lobbyist Suri Kasirer

9. People‘s editor Larry Hackett (loved the windowpane plaid jacket and scarf!) with a dark-haired gal we didn’t get a chance to meet.

11. Fidelis Global’s Gerry Byrne and’s BFF-in-chief Bonnie Fuller.

12. Thomson Reuters’ Jolie Hunt and pals.

14. The Metropolitan Museum’s Harold Holzer and Jonathan Jao

15. Willkie Farr & Gallagher’s Richard DeScherer

16. Producer Diane Sokolow

17. Dr. Phillip Romero and yours truly

18.  Lorna Graev

20. NBC’s VP of corporate affairs, Adam Miller, and Gary Ginsburg

21. Robert Kramer

22. Sandy Brown and Christopher Ruddy

23. Edward Horowitz

24. Estee Lauder’s Nancy McKay

25. Noble Smith (We don’t know who you are, but love the name!)

26. Dina Frank

27. Former HBO exec Stephen Scheffer

28.‘s Sandy Brown

29. Tiffany & Co.’s Linda Buckley

Faces in the crowd: Amanda Mitchell and Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams (rocking some serious thigh high boots) sauntered in well after the dining room had cleared out.  The mystery man with the gals was none other than Al Reynolds who didnt seem to care the trio arrived over 30 minutes late for their reservation. We wanted to ask the ex-Mr. Star Jones what he thought of his former wife’s stint on The Celebrity Apprentice (It’s our new guilty pleasure) but he swept by us looking as if he was in no mood for chit chat. At the bar: Kira Semler and Vi Huse, in for their monthly champagne lunch. I checked in with the girls before heading in to see if they were building their own ark in anticipation for the next storm predicted to hit hard in their home state of New Jersey. We all agreed this positively biblical weather has gone on long enough. What’s taking you so long, Spring?

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