Michael Wolff: ‘What Do Men in Their Fifties and Sixties Know About Girls in Their Twenties?

Yesterday Jeff Bercovici reported that Michael Wolff is set to hit back at the New York Post over their coverage of his alleged affair and marriage break-up, via a column in Vanity Fair.
Should make for some good reading! In the meantime we bring you Wolff’s column from today’s Newser. It remains to be seen whether this should be considered some sort of preview? Or perhaps just extra insight into the workings of his brain? Or, you know, merely weird and unfortunate timing? A quick look after the jump.

What do men in their fifties and sixties know about girls in their twenties? Are these young women looking for purpose, for a job, or just publicity (will the publicity provide a purpose and a job?)?
Middle-aged men, so flummoxed by the desires and ambitions of young women, seem especially easy prey to girls with blogs. What do you do with a girl who won’t shut up?

You can read the rest here.