Michael Wolff vs. WSJ IWantMedia The NY Post?

Wolff vs. ???

michaelwolff.jpgLast week, we reported that Michael Wolff made IWantMedia’s Patrick Phillips take down an article based on a talk Wolff had given at an event, wherein Wolff reportedly said that the WSJ stopped mattering when it began charging for online subscriptions. Phillips didn’t return our phone call, but Page Six did a follow-up item yesterday and, well, their phone number is apparently easier to dial than ours:

When Wolff’s remarks appeared on an industry Web site, he sternly demanded they be yanked immediately, citing intellectual property” issues. As soon as Iwantmedia.com posted Wolff’s speech online last week, site founder Patrick Phillips received a series of angry e-mails threatening legal action. Phillips told PAGE SIX, “I obviously had no intention of infringing upon Mr. Wolff’s intellectual property and removed the transcript from my site.

We’d link to the item, but we can’t find it in the online archives. Maybe Wolff made them take the item down, too.