Michael Wolff: The Daily is ‘Aggressively Bland’

Here’s something that is sure to surprise you: Michael Wolff is cranky about something. No really, he is! You can add him to the growing list of People Who Hate The Daily A Lot, because in the latest Adweek, Wolff completely slams the tablet newspaper.

He says that The Daily is hopeless, that it’s “agressively bland,” the “worst example of tablet strategy,” and dammit, it’s just too flashy:

There’s a loud, jarring, jumpy, desperate, look-at-me sense of tablet publishing—it tries too hard. It’s not just that tablet design invites people to look over your shoulder and enter your space—but it makes the reader self-conscious too. So much design, so little function. So much brand, so little purpose. Vulgar.

While a few people have said that The Daily’s content is unimpressive, criticizing it for being too attention-grabbing might be a first. Don’t people who use tablets to read magazines and newspapers like being noticed? Isn’t that part of the lure of having the newest technology?

Tablet users and The Daily readers get to say “Look at me! I’ve got this thing that might not be that great and cost a fortune but is still somehow considered cool!” And the rest of us act like we don’t want it until we can afford it.

The Daily – and tablet publishing in general – might have flaws, but it’s not that they try too hard to be noticed. That’s what makes us all want it.