Michael Wesch, the Creator of ‘Web 2.0’ (but not the one with all those brightly colored exploding logos)


A cool piece over at John Battelle’s Searchblog which is sure to be making the rounds soon, though maybe not as much as its subject’s short film. It’s an interview with Michael Wesch, creator of Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us which nearly everywhere last week, and rightly so. Here’s a bit:

… I wanted to show people how digital technology has evolved and give them a sense of where it might be going and to give some momentum to the all-important conversation about the consequences of that on our global society. I did not know it would reach so many people, but I had hoped that for those it did reach it would spark some reflection on the power of the technology they were using. Because without proper understanding and reflection, “the machine” is using us — all of us — even those that don’t have access to the machine at all.