Daily Mail Stretches the Definition of ‘Partying’

In this Michael Strahan case, it was more like "standing."

Michael Strahan is especially good for clicks this week, what with his early exit from Live With Kelly and Michael taking place this morning.


Thursday night, Strahan attended an event put on by DuJour magazine. He’s on the cover of the new issue. The article put together about this by the Daily Mail is an interesting reminder of one of their key approaches to an ongoing trending story: repackaging the same basic information with a pretty new bow. The paper is of course not alone in this regard; many other sites and outlets do the same thing.

Most of the piece by DailyMail.com Reporter is rehash of what has transpired leading up to May 13. There’s also another signature Daily Mail element, in this case four consecutive photos of Strahan with event attendee Patrick Dempsey.

Partying? Hardly. Posing? Yes.

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