10 Apps to Help You Up Your Instagram Game

Now that Instagram is going to be giving us an algorithm-based feed, the pressure is on to produce the best-looking photos if we don’t want to risk our posts going to waste by being filtered out completely.

Now that Instagram is going to be giving us an algorithm-based feed, the pressure is on to produce the best-looking photos if we don’t want to risk our posts going to waste by being filtered out completely.

Users are already trying to come up with ways around this by desperately asking other users to turn on their notifications.

The race is now on to up our Instagram game before the algorithm launches so that we can make sure our posts have an audience.

We’ve created a list of applications that will help users to seriously improve their Instagram game and make sure they’re winning in Instagram’s new race.

Camera+ (native camera/photo editor): Before editing your photos, try taking photos with the Camera+ app to start the process of making beautiful images with features such as image stabilization and exposure control. For $2.99, Camera+ lets you snap, edit and export like an expert. iOS


Slow Shutter Cam (creative photo editor): Another camera app, Slow Shutter Cam, for only $1.99, brings pictures to life by going back to the physical camera method of reducing shutter speeds, giving DSLR-like effects to your digital photos. With a variety of adjustments and toying with the settings, you get some familiar effects that make you look and feel like a pro photographer. iOS


Facetune (photo editor): Powered by a sophisticated software engine, this is dedicated for the selfie fanatic. Truly enhance and focus on the portrait photos and boost your image in ways no filter can. For $3.99, you can use one of the most widely used photo-editing apps by celebrities. Facetune can whiten teeth, fix smiles and bold the beauty of eyes in a quick easy to use fashion. iOS, Android


Enlight (photo editor): Enlight, for $3.99, is made by the guys behind Facetune and was named as “the best all-in-one photo editor” by Apple in 2015. This app really packs a punch with so many advanced editing features, and it is pretty much like having Photoshop in your pocket. With Enlight, you can turn photos into creative pieces of art, allowing you to impress other Instagrammers with truly professional-looking and eye-catching photos. An added bonus with this app is its InstaFit feature, so you never have to crop another image for Instagram again. iOS


Photoshop Express (photo editor): A free but extremely powerful app, Photoshop Express uses some of the basic features of Photoshop in its mobile app, which is built for landscape and portrait images. Use this app to impress other Instagrammers with impressive landscape and portrait images. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows


Simply B&W (creative photo editor): Add a creative black-and-white approach by making your photos monochromatic or grayscale. The free app includes in-depth-editing tools for modifying the hues and lighting to truly get the outcome you desire for maximum effect. iOS


PHHHOTO (creative photo editor): No longer are people interested in just a simple photo. With this free app, users can take motion-enabled photos that bring still photography to life and create personalized GIFs. PHHHOTO is similar to Apple’s Live Photos, but with increased ability to make adjustments and edits. iOS, Android


Replay (video editor): A free app for your personal videos–make edits, add text and music, include slow-motion or select a style from preset templates to edit your favorite video for Instagram. A key feature is the ability to stitch together photos and clips into short films, making them a fun and interesting watch for your followers. iOS


vjay (video audio editor): One of the more expensive apps on this list at $9.99, vjay is a video DJ editing app, allowing you to mix together songs and videos both personal and from a list of pre-loaded videos from successful artists like Snoop Dogg. Once you finalize your recording, your results can be easily uploaded and shared on Instagram. This one is sure to make sure your posts are liked, shared and most important, seen, by your followers. iOS