Michael Silverblatt Needs New Pick-up Line


Michael Silverblatt, host of KCRW’s Bookworm has a piece in GOOD, the magazine. (Idle thought: Do they know the phrase “the good is the enemy of the best” ?) He presents an implausible scenario:

Last month I had a conversation that boiled down to:
“What do you do?”
“I host a public radio show about books.”
“I hate reading.”

Silverblatt goes on to extrapolate that people hate reading because they read boring stuff as kids, instead of the sparkling prose of McGuffey’s Readers. (As if those morality-packed tales would ever make it past the PC police of test-book publishing—they’re too busy hiring able-bodied child actors to sit in wheelchairs.)

FBLA thinks the problem isn’t with books–it’s with Silverblatt. With such a dismal line of chat, no wonder people feign illiteracy and dash off. Or maybe he’s just tired of talking? It seems far-fetched to think he’s continually mobbed by bookish groupies, but the subconscious is a powerful thing.

When FBLA wants to squash quesions about our gainful employment, we say:

Job? Why, giving blow-jobs to lepers, why do you ask?

After hearing that, the nosy-parkers usually stop bothering us.