Michael Schneider Goes From Writing About TV To Being On It

Friend of FBLA Mike Schneider is now appearing as himself as a reality TV judge on GIMME MY REALITY SHOW Saturday at 9 p.m. on Fox Reality Channel.

The show will be airing over the next few weeks, so we thought we’d pester Mike for details:

How’d you get the gig? I’d done a few segments on “Reality Remix,” which also aired on Fox
Reality Channel, and apparently the channel and producers (who now do
“Gimme My Reality Show”) appreciated my media whoredom.

How many episodes have shot so far? It’s a short order — four. They were shot earlier this summer.

What’s the strangest thing about being on this side of a TV show? I gotta say, the most surreal aspect of this was getting to know Kato Kaelin on a first-name basis. How any other experience in Los Angeles
will ever top that, I don’t know.

Since filming a TV show have you developed an eating disorder, a drug habit or an eccentric hobby? I now collect and use syringes discarded by thin Hollywood actresses.