Michael Phelps on Shirtless SNL Appearance: ‘If It Happens, it Happens’

mphelps.jpgTina Fey’s possible appearance as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live wasn’t the only news discussed during Thursday afternoon’s conference call with Lorne Michaels and Michael Phelps. Golden Boy’s naked torso also came up, specifically the possibility of him baring it on national television.

“[The writers haven’t] written anything topless… I’m looking forward to seeing some of the stuff I’m going to be in,” the Beijing hero said, after Michaels mentioned a skit with where Phelps will don a wig.

He’s not adverse to the possibility of whipping off his shirt, however. “It’s all in good fun. If it happens, it happens.”

But is the klutzy swimmer nervous about his appearance?

“Last week was a little warm-up at the VMA,” Phelps said. “I was a little nervous [for SNL] but after going through some of the things we’ve gone through the past few days, I’ve started to get really really excited.”

Michaels said the swimmer had done “really, really well” in readthroughs.

We asked whether there would be any special guests, like the 4 x 100x team, joining Phelps on stage. “I have no idea,” he said, and Michaels added, “No, I don’t think so.”

This is why we don’t cast shows.