Michael Musto Contributes Bicycling Mag Column About First Ride

michael_musto_bicycling.jpgAs anyone who’s ever spent time in the East or West Village knows, gay, bespectacled Village Voice columnist Michael Musto loves riding his bike. As such, he wrote about it for Bicycling magazine this month, with his column placed, appropriately, after one by Tim Commerford of Audioslave:

I discovered that biking is great exercise (the only exercise I get, in fact), that it’s valuable for my job as a columnist in New York (I get to see changing neighborhoods up close, and spot trends and developments), that it’s bracingly social (you constantly run into old friends and some future ones, too), that it’s dirt cheap (one week of cabs costs about the same as a full year of biking), and that it literally kicks your emotions up a notch. Sitting in a car or on a train (or a couch) tends to make you feel all sedentary and blah, but when you’re pumping away on a bike, your endorphins soar and you suddenly get the urge to run home and throw away all your prescriptions. I can honestly say I’ve never been depressed on my bike, even when people are making wicked fun of me. A simple jaunt to buy milk and paper towels leaves me breathless with joy.

As Musto admits, the Pee Wee Herman references fly from street corners as he rides by.

NOTE: Save your e-mails pointing out the double-entendres. We got ’em.

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