Michael Moore’s Latest Documentary Generating Buzz Through Virtual Gifts on Facebook

Michael Moore’s latest documentary, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” opens in theaters Oct. 2, and AdNectar has been recruited to help promote the film through a virtual gifts application on Facebook . The app is shared by fans of Moore and the new movie with friends to spread word about Moore’s latest insight into big money in America.


There are several available gifts for Facebook users to share or post to their own news feeds. To further market the film, each virtual gift contains a special extended preview of the movie. This greatly improves the “shareability” of the gifts and should lead to a higher circulation in news feeds and wall posts.


Palo Alto-based startup AdNectar also developed applications for a similar campaign for the new Jennifer Aniston, Aarton Eckhart romantic flick “Love Happens” that gave Facebook users the chance to spread gifts carrying branding messaging for the movie. The gifts also contained a link back to the movie’s Web site, where interested parties could watch trailers and learn more about the film. The program generated extra buzz for the film throughout Facebook, and Moore’s latest work should see similar results from the added online exposure.