Michael Moore Cancels Press Conference, Goes for Labor Rally Instead


Why have a press conference when you can get reporters to go to a rally? The Weinsteins, perhaps nervous about pesky questions about the “leaked” and “pirated” versions of Michael Moore’s Sicko, cancelled the press conference and invited journalists to the LA Rally for Healthcare Reform organized by the California Labor Federation. City Hall steps Tuesday, June 26 at 11am. From the press release:

The event will feature filmmaker Michael Moore and stories from Los Angeles residents who have been negatively affected by California’s current healthcare system. The rally takes place the same day as the Los Angeles premiere of Michael Moore’s newest documentary, Sicko, which chronicles the failures of America’s healthcare system.

Participating are:

Michael Moore, Documentary Filmmaker, Director of SICKO

Dawnelle Keys
, Cast Member of SICKO

Art Pulaski, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, California Labor Federation

Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Secretary Treasurer of Los Angeles County Federation of Labor

Frank Gonzales (sharing personal healthcare story)

Heather Locayo (sharing personal healthcare story)

Mary McCurnin (sharing personal healthcare story)
This one?

Craig Cowie, Owner of Baller Hardware

Yvette Freeman, actress from ER (inset plays one on TV joke here)

Rabbi Haim Beliak, Interfaith Community United for Justice and Peace