Michael McDevitt Gives Brooklyn Things ‘To Do’

Thanks to tipster Natasha Chetiyawardana, we were pointed to this super cool new art project in NY’s DUMBO area by Illegal Art’s Michael McDevitt entitled “To Do.” It’s very similar to WK12‘s “Fail Harder” project, except this time with post-it notes. Here’s some of the very detailed scoop from Nova Clutch:

As is there signature, Illegal Art always seeks to create interactive public art to inspire thought and encourage participation by anyone and everyone. To Do was created so that people could share their own “to do” lists, making something normally very trivial and private very public. As they often do, Illegal Art gives us a chink to look through at the microcosm of someone’s personal thoughts, while also maintaining the macrocosm of the impact of the project as a whole.