Michael Mace On eBooks

Michael Mace is the former Chief Competitive Officer of PalmSource and former director of Mac Platform Marketing at Apple. In a blog post titled…

How many Kindles have really been sold? (And other interesting tidbits about ebooks)

…Mace dives into details done by the Book Industry Study Group in a survey on eBook adoption in the US. In light of the iPad announcement, I found it interesting that the survey found 21% of the respondents use Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch to read eBooks, which is third behind the Amazon Kindle (32%) and the personal computer (47%). While Amazon has never released sales numbers for the Kindle, there has been speculation of millions of Kindles have been sold, and Mace states that either the speculation is wrong or the Book Industry Study Group’s information is wrong. Mace’s blog post includes all sorts of statistical information about eBook sales that I think are interesting. If you are like me and are interested in the future of eBooks, I recommend reading his blog post.

I have read several eBooks on Windows Mobile phones and the iPod Touch, and while you can’t beat the convenience of having books on the devices that you carry everywhere, I have found reading books on my Barnes & Noble nook to be a much better reading experience because of the eInk display and the size of the screen. I think that the Kindle’s WhisperSync function that synchronizes your reading location in a book between the Kindle and the iPhone/iPod Touch is ideal for balancing between convenience and readability and I wonder how that appears the Book Industry Group’s data. I am anxiously waiting for Barnes and Noble to provide similar technology for the nook and their other mobile eReader clients.