Michael Kors and Bob Guccione Jr. Gravitate to Wonderlust

A new fragrance, a forthcoming travel website and a discretely swapped vowel.

So what can readers expect when Bob Guccione Jr.’s new digital destination Wonderlust goes live this fall? The man previously connected with Discover, Gear an Spin offers this preview of his travel website to Min Online’s Steve Smith:

“10 Travel Questions With…” This will be a generally fascinating person who may or may not be universally known. A fascinating person with travel relevance trumps celebrity. “Spa Trek” is our bi-weekly feature on spas around the world — some surprising, some the usual suspects. And something ominously known as “Hotel Ninja,” where we, bluntly and honestly, review certain hotels without the establishment knowing we’re there. There will also be many regular, more basic sections, like “The Smart Traveler,” “Travel Warnings” and “New Destinations.”

Sounds promising. Per our headline, Michael Kors beat Guccione Jr. to the Wonderlust brand-name punch with the launch of a new fragrance for women at the beginning of the month. Lily Aldridge is the face of the ad campaign, which has travel stamped all over it as well. Specifically, Greece, shot by Mario Testino.

Is the world ready for two different versions of this slightly wonky spelling of wanderlust? Time, together with the business acumen of Bob and Michael, will tell.