New York Post Reporter Explains How He Shed Those Freelancer Pounds

So far, Michael Kaplan has dropped 30 pounds.

Fun piece today from senior features writer Michael Kaplan, who joined the Post in February.

He explains that as a freelancer, the all-hours proximity of both kitchen and coffee shop food, together with a lack of office structure and lunch hour discipline, led him to balloon to 250 pounds. When he joined the paper, he was tipping the scales at 238 lbs. Today, he’s down to 208.

Kaplan admits he never took full advantage of his Park Slope YMCA membership, even though that facility was just six blocks away. He also frames his “fat freelancer” days with this funny memory:

I should have taken the hint when I crossed the street one morning last fall and some wiseguy in a car shouted, “Hey, it’s Michael Moore!” (OK, my hair had grown out a bit and I was wearing a baseball cap, but still.)

Kaplan admits that even though he feels much better now, not all can see the difference:

On a recent trip to Atlantic City, while riding a casino’s down escalator, a goofball going up pointed at me and said, “Hey, it’s Tom Arnold!”

The reporter is resolutely focused on soon being mistaken for neither one of those guys. He wants to lose 20 more pounds, which would bring him back to his college weight. Check out some of Kaplan’s feature writing here.

H/T: Lia Eustachewich; photo via: Twitter