Michael Hastings’ Brother Gives Majority of Journalists a Failing Grade

In a recent interview conducted by New York-based journo (and former Newsweek arts reporter) Ray Sawhill, Jonathan Hastings, the brother of late journalist Michael, noted that his problems in the aftermath were not with the LAPD. Rather, they were with many of those who covered the car crash and police investigation:

“If I have any problems, it’s with how the [police] report was written about in the press. There were a lot of journalists-in-quotes who didn’t seem to have read it very carefully or were, irresponsibly I think, taking things out of context.”

“I guess that’s understandable – I mean, of course the press is going to sensationalize things and play up the juicy stuff. But just because it was understandable didn’t mean I liked it.”

The “Michael Hastings truthers” would do well to read this Q&A in full. In addition to some warm reminiscences about the award-winning reporter’s early life, Jonathan restates the full personal context of his late brother’s behavior that fateful night and forcefully rules out the notion of foul play.

The interview is also a reminder of what The Huffington Post does well. They are fanning here, in abridged form, a conversation that was published a week ago on the blog Uncouth Reflections and picked up a day later by Salon. On the blog of origin, Sawhill and other contributors use comical pen names.