Michael Jantzen’s Shape-Shifting Shed, Gift That Keeps On Giving

Last week we recommended the new Neiman Marcus Christmas Book’s life-size Lego likenesses as a way of staving off (or at least wholly denying) the recession depression that has us rationing Q-Tips, but now that UnBeige HQ has received its hard copy of the over-the-top luxury gift catalog (with stunning cover art by painter Susan Sales), we can get down to the serious business of holiday coveting.

Forget the Legos, because now we’re scheming to own one of ten M-Velope transformable structures created by artist and designer Michael Jantzen especially for Neiman Marcus. It’s a cabana! It’s an office! It’s a place to keep one of the “12 to 15 thoroughbred horses” that are part of another Neiman Marcus uberpresent! Jantzen’s rebuildable and rearrangeable M-Velope (pictured above, on what may or not be planet Earth) is a 15-foot high by 14-foot wide by 17-foot deep structure with a steel frame and hinged panels made of Accoya, a “new wood species” that’s 100% sustainable. A green dreamshed can be yours for $100,000, not including delivery and installation costs.