Michael Jackson’s Facebook Page Becomes First to Reach 10 Million Fans

One month after Michael Jackson passed away, his Facebook Page has become the first (by a big margin) to reach 10 million fans.

Fans from around the world are continuing to leave Wall posts in honor of the music legend and upload new photos to the Page. In addition, the most recent updates from the Page’s official administrator have received nearly 50,000 likes and several thousand comments each.

However, while the Page’s administrator was updating the Page at least daily through July 17, there hasn’t been an update in nearly 10 days. While Facebook Pages are effective tools for businesses and celebrities to reach their audiences, what happens when celebrities pass away? How long into the future will the administrators and fans of the Michael Jackson Page still be posting content?

Before Jackson’s death, the singer had about 800,000 fans on Facebook, while Barack Obama’s Page had the most Facebook fans at 6.4 million. Today, Jackson’s Page is the first in history to cross 10 million, while Obama’s Page still has the second most at nearly 6.5 million, followed by Vin Diesel and Megan Fox, according to PageData.

Name Fans
1.Michael Jackson10,002,006
2.Barack Obama6,484,430
3.Vin Diesel5,354,934
4.Megan Fox4,373,612
6.Dr. House4,295,343
7.Will Smith4,021,809
8.Starbucks Coffee Company3,699,369
10.Lady Gaga3,440,941
11.Adam Sandler3,316,588
13.Mafia Wars3,016,774
14.Ashton Kutcher2,877,140
15.South Park2,814,783

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