Michael Jackson Memorial Results In More Facebook Traffic Than U.S. Inauguration (Updated)

Facebook has posted the statistics so far of Michael Jackson’s memorial and the initial results are phenomenal. As his Facebook page surpassed 7 million users, 500,000 status updates were being posted and 300,000 users were logged in to discuss the memorial. The numbers are nothing short of spectacular with over 6,000 status updates being posted per minute.

The live stream widget is also being implemented on E! Online, MTV and ABC News. The Michael Jackson virtual gift of his glove has been distributed to over 800,000 users. During the Obama inauguration in contrast there were 600,000 status updates for the entire event and 4,000 status updates being posted per minute. With Michael Jackson being the most popular person on Facebook, it’s clear that this memorial has had a more significant reach.

More important is how Facebook and traditional media are becoming increasingly intertwined. We will be updating this post with final stats from the day as Facebook releases them in the next couple hours.

Updated Statistics
Facebook has posted the following updated statistics which includes 733,000 status updates on CNN, more than the 600,000 status updates that were posted through CNN’s live feed widget during the event. The stats are below:

733,000 status updates
759,000 Facebook users viewing broadcast
6,000 updates/minute at the peak

E! Online:
9,000 status updates
87,000 Facebook users viewing broadcast

48,000 status updates
97,000 Facebook users viewing broadcast

5,000 status updates
21,000 Facebook users viewing broadcast

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