Michael Isikoff Joins Yahoo as Chief Investigative Correspondent

micheal isikoffYahoo has hired Michael Isikoff — one of the nation’s most widely-respected journalists — as its new chief investigative correspondent. The New York Times reports that Isikoff will be tasked with expanding Yahoo’s new investigative unit and be based in Washington.

You might not think you know Isikoff’s work, but you definitely do. If it was a big story, there’s a good chance he broke it. From the non-sexual, definitely sexual relations between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky to the more recent Penn State sex abuse scandal — Isikoff’s journalism often drove the country’s conversation.

Isikoff most recently worked at NBC News. He had been there since 2010. “Digital is the future of the news business,” Isikoff told the Times, about leaving NBC News behind. “That’s the cold, hard reality.”