Michael Hirschorn: King of Pop


If Michael Hirschorn is a man of contradictions it is because he contains multitudes. Last month Hirschorn roughed up quirk in the pages of The Atlantic. Hirchorn curiously manages to combine being an Atlantic Contributing Editor along with his duties as — get this — Executive Vice President for Original Programming and Production for, of all places, VH1. How does one combine those two seemingly incommensurable roles? A healthy dose of irony, evidently. From The Atlantic:

”The British weekly heat, which should be required reading for any student of the age, focuses surgically, preposterously, hilariously, on celebrity minutiae. A recent feature — pure tabloid genius — centered on shocking celebrity sweat stains. Other stories have homed in, titillatingly, on unbuff celebrity midsections, best and worst hindquarters, and the ugly knees of otherwise-hot celebrities. The less-shocking content, purposefully banal, finds its way into the U.S. category leader, Us magazine, which features a weekly spread showing that celebrities are ‘just like us.’ Celebrities, we’ve now learned, are just like us. Probably no more attractive, now that you’ve seen them in Star’s truly astonishing ‘Celebrities Without Makeup’ issue; richer certainly, but probably not happier.”’

Also in the 150th anniversary issue of The Atlantic: Christopher Hitchens on the early Saul Bellow, and essays by William F. Buckley, Jr., Arianna Huffington, and Milton Glaser.

(image via vh1)