Michael Hastings Pitched His McChrystal Piece To GQ First

Michael Hastings’ piece on General Stanley McChrystal for Rolling Stone could very well have had dozens of journalists writing pieces asking “Is GQ Now Relevant?” instead.
The New York Observer has learned that Hastings initially pitched his piece to GQ, but that they elected to pass on it because “another writer trying to get McCrystal, and couldn’t assign both stories.” A GQ spokeswoman clarifies that, while Hastings pitched an idea for a story on McChrystal, he had yet to have an interview lined up at the time.
Hastings, as we all know, eventually was able to get quite a great deal of access to a rather loose-lipped McChrystal, and his piece went on to drum up huge numbers and plenty of publicity for Rolling Stone. But GQ editor Jim Nelson isn’t bitter. While “it hurts” that they passed on what would become such a talked-about and history-making piece, Nelson says they are “happy for Mike.”