Michael Hastings Gets Some Posthumous Love from Fox News Journo

TheLastMagazineCoverFrom the latest wave of reviews for Michael Hastings‘ posthumous novel The Last Magazine, out today, one jumps out. A rave in the Washington Post by Fox News chief D.C. correspondent James Rosen:

The [titular] magazine, you’ll not be surprised to learn, is a mid-Manhattan snake pit of literary ambition and fame-lust, where the international editor, an Indian intellectual-cum-socialite, vies with the managing editor, a bow-tied Southern historian, for the throne of editor-in-chief. The publisher has played up the parlor-game angle, and yes, some fun is to be had identifying Media Luminaries skewered here via roman à clef (Fareed Zakaria, Nick Denton, Lally Weymouth, et al.)…

The Last Magazine is tender and brutal, worldly and inbred, high-minded and gross, smartly rendered and rough around the edges – and quite often hilarious… I’ve no doubt that, were he here, Hastings would denounce me as a cheap whore for saying so, but it is the funniest, most savage takedown of the American news media since Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72, by his hero Hunter S. Thompson.

The novel’s intern-protagonist is named Michael M. Hastings, but Rosen suggests that war correspondent A. E. Peoria reads a lot more like the author. Hopefully, this new book will play not just in Manhattan and D.C. but also in places like, yes, Peoria. Read the rest of Rosen’s review here.

[Jacket cover courtesy: Blue Rider Press]