Michael Eisner infiltrates media, hosts ‘Charlie Rose’

mecr.jpgI assume you all saw ‘Charlie Rose’ on Friday night. (Having met several FishbowlLA fans in the flesh, I’m fairly certain that nobody who reads this blog has a social life.) So I’m sure you were as surprised as I was to see that ‘Charlie Rose’ was not hosted by Charlie Rose, but instead by Michael Eisner– which is kind of a vervy way of ending his media silence over these past few weeks while he’s been busy stepping down from the Disney CEO-ship and board of directors.

Guests were John Travolta and Barry Diller. No references were made to Eisner’s de-Disneyfication, though Diller did sneak in a comment about disliking corporate boards who tried to reign in their CEOs too tightly. Highlights:

1) Eisner mentioned to Travolta that his son was on the JetBlue flight that emergency-landed a couple weeks ago. Wanting to know what his son experienced, Eisner took the same flight to NYC to host the show. (This seguewayed into a long discussion about the physics of airplane landing gear. Seriously.)

2) Travolta proclaimed that his partnership with Eisner (which stretches back to ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’ when Eisner was a young ABC exec) was the most successful executive-artist relationship in the history of civilization. Seriously, he said that.

3) Barry Diller claimed that somewhere in West Covina, streets named Barry and Diller intersect. I can’t find it on MapQuest, though.

4) For two guys who have spent years not on speaking terms, Diller and Eisner were pretty chummy.

All in all, Eisner did a pretty good job as a talk show host. Way better than Donny Deutsch. Maybe he’ll guest-blog for me.