Reporter Disgraces Themselves with Catherine Zeta-Jones Oral Sex Question

We spent a bit of time today trying to track down the reporter who asked the following question Tuesday night to Catherine Zeta-Jones at the New York premiere of Red 2: “Have you been mortified that your husband, in some ways, has become the poster boy for the dangers of oral sex?”

Then we realized that even if we were successful, the reporter would probably not want to go on the record about this laughable attempt at journalism. Then, we had an even scarier thought; have we reached the point where this is actually no longer laughable?

The Zeta-Jones question, reprehensible as it was, falls perfectly in line with the brainstorms of every TMZ camera man, woman and child. It also comes on the heels of a recent decision by New Jersey FOX affiliate WWOR to replace their evening newscast with a TMZ-style program called Chasing New Jersey.

We’re 95% sure this particular Red 2 red-carpet journalist was male, as we cannot imagine very many women choosing to ask another woman such a question. Zeta-Jones’ answer, by the way, was a rather diplomatic: “Next question!”

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