Michael Bierut Talks About the Power of Obama’s Branding


We know, we know, this writer is still on his election kick. But you’re going to tell us that you aren’t? We didn’t think so. That said, we very nearly almost missed this one, had it not been for Design Info, who pointed our way to this piece over at Andrew Romano‘s Newsweek blog, “Experiment: Why the Obama ‘Brand’ Is Working,” which is a long interview with Mr. Atlantic himself, Michael Bierut, about the brand that is the Obama campaign and why an incredible attention to the details in the design work behind campaign has had a remarkable effect on how well the candidate has performed. Here’s a bit:

Is Obama’s stuff on the level with the best commercial brand design?

I think it’s just as good or better. I have sophisticated clients who pay me and other people well to try to keep them on the straight and narrow, and they have trouble getting everything set in the same typeface. And he seems to be able to do it in Cleveland and Cincinnati and Houston and San Antonio. Every time you look, all those signs are perfect. Graphic designers like me don’t understand how it’s happening. It’s unprecedented and inconceivable to us. The people in the know are flabbergasted.